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♚ Empress Misha ♚

Building My Empire on Your Dime

13 August 1988
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Let’s not waste time with pleasantry bullshit and cut to the chase. You’re a pig and deserve nothing more than being ignored by someone as fabulous as me. That’s what happens to you in real time and your status doesn’t change here. But I’m feeling gracious and so if you oink my way with your wallet spread you can graduate from being a simple pig to my paypig and that gives you a better chance of avoiding being that pitiful outcast I always ignore.

I’m Empress Misha and you’ll do well to serve my empire. Who wouldn’t want to be on their knees before a confident, intelligent, career woman who will allow you to offer your back as a throne? If you answered “Nobody.” you are correct, troll. I’ve been a dominating sadistic bitch every day of my life since 8th grade and you’re damn lucky I’ve decided to stop ignoring online pigs so you now get the same opportunities to please me as my real life porkers. My nipples get hard just thinking about having more bitches under my feet. ❤

I love to fuck over boys and laugh at their general failures in life. Inflicting pain, humiliation, and anxiety please me more than anything your pin prick could ever do. This is and has always been what naturally makes Empress happy.

Financial domination comes easily to me as I have a head for business and enjoy mixing money with fetishes. I love power and money is a god damn super power. I want what I want when I want it and you’re going to make sure that happens by making money to hand over to Empress since I deserve to live my life exactly the way I want.

You may address me as Empress, Empress Misha, Your Highness, milady (in cases where you want to say “ma’am” which I absolutely abhor). NEVER address me without an honorific, don’t even hope for it. Such familiarity is unobtainable to you. If it is not listed here as acceptable do not use it to address me. It’s that fucking simple.

Thinking about contacting me without a tribute? Stop it. If I want to socialize it’s obvious I wouldn’t do it with time wasters, losers, and idiots who disrespect my empire.

So that’s enough about me to make emails trying to “get to know me” cease to exist. You want a chance at my attention do it the right way. Open those wallets, boys, and spend until your account balance is just as tiny as your prick. Because when Empress is happy… everyone is.
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